General & Dental Pharmacology

Course Description

Pharmacology is situated between the basic and clinical sciences and is important for dental students. There is a growing demand on the dental clinicians to know huge knowledge of drugs and how to use them for patients. For these purpose, first our department is aimed to teach the scientific aspects of pharmacology and how drugs act on the various body system. 

Our experienced and young talented teachers composed their lectures which deal with drugs of medical and dental fields and pay special attention with drugs commonly used in dentistry. Dental students learn the principles of pharmacology through laboratory practice. Follow these learning, they must acquire an adequate background for drug used in general and dental practice.

To prepare the student in such a way that he/she can be able to understand structure of the or facial region, so that they are competent enough for dental practice.
To understand the comprehensive structure of human or facial pof tinder region and particularly teeth, Head and neck. To know the importance of anatomical structures and their applications in dentistry. To be able to identify each structure to encounter it properly during dental practice. To be able to understand positions of various organs radio graphically. To understand the general embryology and special embryology of head and neck. Their congenital anomalies which may be encountered during clinical practice.